Hanging Basket Fundraiser Information      
                12"                                                                                                                                                                         10"
I will be at the Track Meeting today passing out envelopes for the Fundraiser, inside you will find:
2 coupons for 12” Baskets   -       $35.00                                                                                   2 coupons for 10” Baskets   -       $20.00
I'm just showing one 12" and one 10" above, but keep in mind there are several baskets to choose from.
Here is how it works:
1.)  Collect either $20 or $35, Have checks made out to PHS Track and give your sold coupon to the buyer.  
2.) Buyers take coupons to be redeemed at The Plantorium – 2399 N Hwy 287 in Laporte.  970-482-9145.   They are open everyday 9 – 6pm.  Coupons expire on June 1st 2013.
3.) Track team gets $8 for the 10” baskets and $16 for the 12” baskets.
4.)  Return all paperwork and monies collected at the Track Banquet on May 22nd.
5.) These coupons are like cash, you will be responsible to pay for any unsold coupons that are redeemed by the Plantorium.  I’ll have a record of who has taken coupons (they will be numbered).
6.) If you need more coupons or more info please call Liz 970-566-1874 or email lizfulmer@earthlink.net.
7.)  This fundraiser can be used towards unpaid booster fees.
8.)  Any purchased coupon that doesn’t get redeemed is 100% profit for the Track Team! 

This is a great, easy way to support the Track Team.  The baskets are beautiful and can be used for Mother’s Day, graduation, birthdays etc.  We make a huge profit from the sales which will be used for additional upgraded equipment, uniforms, paying volunteer Coaches etc.

Let’s show our support for the Track Team and Thanks to all the Coaches for their hard work!