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Courses: Earth Systems Science, Cell Bio. & Genetics & Forensic Science/CSI - Outlines are below: The unit we are currently on is in RED

Earth Systems Science- (ESS)

Book: Earth Science (by Spaulding and Namowitz)

Class Syllabus for ESS, Lab Safety in ESS, Contract (sign and return)

Semester 1 Units- Notes Assignments
Introduction Graphing Notes, Lab Template, Flow Chart, Graphing Prac. #1, Graphing Prac. #2, Graphing Prac. #3, Career pjct., Career Opportunities, Statement ID,
Atomic Structure- Atomic Structure Notes, Atomic Structure ppt., Elements to memorize, Half-Life notes, Element Project, Element Practice Quiz 1, Element Practice Quiz 2, Atomic Structure Practice #1, Atomic Structure Practice #2, Chemical Puns, Half-Life Lab, Subatomic Particles, Half-Life Practice Problems, Half-Life Prac. KEY,
Physical and Chemical Changes Unit Notes, PowerPoint, Phase Quiz PowerPoint, Change ID,
Elements and Periodic Table- Chp 16, PowerPoint, Chp. 16 Reading Guide, Reading Guide Key, Coloring sheet, Periodic puzzle #1, Puzzle #2, Shell filling, Review, Review KEY,
Bonding Notes, Molecular Models, Bonding Review with Answers,
Chemical Reactions Acid / Base ppt. for Review, Balancing Review KEY, Project Requirements, Balancing Practice, Balancing Computer Activity, Antacid Alternate Lab, Review Sheet,

Review Sheet,


Semester 2-

Unit Notes Assignments
Earth's Interior PowerPoint, Word Doc., Volcano PPT, Vocano Quizlet, Virtual Earthquake, Graphing Earthquakes, Reading Guide, Slinkey Lab, Webquest, Plate Tectonic pHet, Layer Drawing, Volcano Pjct., Review ?'s, Review ?'s KEY, Supervolcano Video Guide,
Atmosphere and Weather Weather Notes, Atmosphere Note-guide KEY, Drawing Key, Climate Change, Cloud in Bottle Demo,

Vocabulary, Weather Drawings, Weather Scavenger, Violent Weather, Climate Change ?'s, C.C. Data, Review Sheet, Atmos. Note-Guide, Extra Credit Opportunity, Cloud Lab, Review KEY,

Water and Oceanography Water ppt., Water notes, Oceanography ppt., Ocean notes, Water Quality Brochure, Crossword, Hydrologic Cycle Drawing, Marine Life Pjct., Oceanography Graph,
Physics Unit Conversions, Motion ppt, Energy ppt., TURN IN, Fake Units, Conversion Prac. 1, Hotwheel Lab, Understanding Equations, PhET Demo, Egg Drop Questions,
Astronomy Telescope Notes, Telescope ppt., Star Notes, Star ppt., HR Diagram, S.S. ppt., Moon,

Star Life Cycle Pjct., Spectrum Jigsaw, Wordsearch, Moon Phase Drawing, Solar System Scavenger, Tidal Grahing,


Review #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9,

Answer Key #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9,

Conv. Prac. #1, Power Lab 1, Power Lab 2, Hang Time,

Genetics- Book - Human Genetics 5th Ed. - (by Ricki Lewis)

Class Expectations for Genetics, Genetics Lab Safety, Contract (sign and return to Mr. Foster),

Unit Titles Notes Assignments

Cell Structure, Cell Transport, Chemistry, Chp. 1 Reading Guide Key, Lab Template, Grape Lab Rubric, Review, Review KEY,

Organelle Coloring, Organelle Clicker ?'s, Oraganelle analogy, Career Project, Textbook Exercise,
Cell Cycle, DNA and Protein Synth  Cell Cycle, DNA, DNA Replication, Protein Synthesis, DNA history, Mitosis Foldable, History pjct., Stem Cells, Replication Drawing, Protein practice, Matching Review Game, Review sheet, Review sheet KEY,
Mendel  Mendel and Punnet Squares, Disorder Pjct, Punnet Square Prac., Punnett Practice KEY, 3 Factor crosses, 3 Factor KEY, Review, Review KEY,
Beyond Mendel  Unit Notes, Unit PowerPoint, Extensions to Mendel Practice, Extensions to Mendel Practice KEY, Addiction Webquest, Epistasis Practice, Epistasis Practice KEY,
Chromosomal Variation Chp. 11-12, Karyotyping ppt., Karyotyping, Disorder Project, Chromosome Drawings,
Population Genetics Chp. 13-15, Ppt. in _classPickup folder

Electrophoresis, Online Tutorial, Prac. # 1, #1 Key, Prac. # 2, #2 Key, Exceptions to H-W ?'s, Exceptions Key, Review Pbms., Review Pbms.. Key, Review Questions,

Immunity & Cancer Chp. 16-17, Cancer Pjct.,


Forensic Science/CSI- Reference: Forensic Science for High School 2nd ed. (by Ball-Deslich and Funkhouser)

Class Syllabus for Forensics, Forensics Lab Safety , Contract (sign and return),

Unit Titles Notes Assignments

Lab Template, Chp. 1, Chp. 2, Chp. 3,

History pjct., Crswd 1, Crswd 2, Crswd 1 KEY, Crswd 2 KEY, Evidence ID, Chp. 2 ?s, "Crime Scene" Sketch, Review, Review KEY,
Probability Fingerprints, FP Pattern types, Hair, Fibers Fingerprint PPT, Earprint Article, Earprint Article ?'s, Microscope Lab, Hair Quiz, Crossword, Clicker Review, Review Sheet, Review KEY,
Chemistry Drugs Notes, Drug ppt., Toxicology, Trace Evidence, Rf Notes, Radon, CO, Drug ?'s, Toxin pjct., Mouse party, Review, Review KEY,
Biology Blood, Blood Drop Analysis, DNA, DNA History Key, Entomology, Review Sheet, DNA Replication, Blood Drops, Punnett Squares, Blood Typing, Electrophoresis, DNA Replication Drawing, Bone Equations, Missing person database, DNA History pjct., Bone Measurements, Bug Collection,
Other Final Review Sheet, CSI Case 1, Case 2, CSI, Criminal Minds Pjct.,
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