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Courses: Geo. Space Science and ICPE

(Scroll down for course outlines. The unit we are currently on is in RED.)

Geo. Space Science- Book- Earth Science - (by Spaulding and Namowitz)

Class Expectations for Geo.

Geo. Lab Safety

Semester 1 Units- Notes Assignments
Introduction Lab Template, Graphing Example, Sci. Method, Graphing, Graphing Practice, Career Opp., Career Pjct. Rubric,
Observing Space Scopes, Electromag. Spec Table, Wordsearch, Constellation Pjct.,
Organization of the Universe Stars, Big Bang, Review, Star Trek Pjct, Moon ?'s,
Solar System Moon ppt., Planets ppt, Galaxies, Scavenger,
Space Travel Notes, Large Rocket Lab, Scavenger Hunt,

Semester 2-

Unit Notes Assignments
Atmosphere/Weather Atmosphere, Weather Vocab, Cloud powerpt.,

Space Missions, Atmos. Note Guide, GLOBE cloud quiz, Atmosphere Pjct., Weather Scavenger, Weather Intro. Notes, REVIEW,

Water Notes, Water Quality Brochure, Survey,
Earth History Notes, Relative Dating, Mass Extinction,Time Scale Table, Half-life Lab, Time Line Project,
Earth's Interior Faults,competive review, WEBQUEST, Volcano Pjct., Virtual Earthquake,
Earth Chemistry Element Powerpoint,
Rocks and Minerals Mineral Notes, Research Pjct., Rock Cycle Drawing, Vocabulary,
Oceanography   Reading assmt. ,
Final Review Earth's Interior review and answers,

ICPE- Book: Conceptual Physical Science 2nd edition (by Hewitt, Suchocki and Hewitt)

Class Expectations for ICPE

Lab Safety in ICPE

Semester 1 Units- Notes Assignments
Introduction Lab Template, Graphing Example, Sci. Method, Sig Figs, SI Units, graphing, Graphing Practice, Sig. figs., Conversion Practice, Review,
Motion- Chp. 1. Chp. 2 Hotwheel Lab, Catapult pjct., Motion prac., Acceleration Prac.,
Energy- Chapter 3 Work Lab, Power lab 1, Power lab 2, Practice Problems, Boom project,
Gravity- Chapter 4,  
Density/ Thermal Energy/Electronics Chapter 5, Thermal Energy Notes Thermal Problems, Calorie Lab,
Atomic Structure- Chp. 13, Power Point Project, Half-Life Lab,

Semester 2-

Unit Notes Assignments
Properties of Matter Chp. 15, Elements to memorize,  Pre-Test,Element Practice,
Elements and Periodic Table- Chp 16, Review,
Bonding Chp. 17,  Bonding Review Key(due 2/13),
Chemical Formulas Notes, Conservation of Matter Lab, Problem. Set 1, Problem Set 2, Stoichiometry Problems, Review,
Acids and Bases   Project Requirements,
Earth's Interior Chp. 23, Layers, Volcano Pjct., Virtual Earthquake, Webquest,
Water and Earth History Water, Earth History, Water Quality Brochure, Relative Dating,
Weather Notes,

GLOBE Cloud Quiz,

Scavenger Hunt

Astronomy  Notes,

Solar System Pjct., Scavenger hunt

Final   Review Sheet,

General Biology- Book- Biology - Principles and Explorations (Holt, Rinehart and Winston)

Class Expectations for Biology

Biology Lab Safety

Semester 1 Units- Notes Assignments
Introduction Lab Template, graphing, graphing example, Scientific Method,  Graphing Practice, Leaf Project,
Taxonomy Chp. 15  
Ecology Chps. 17 & 18 Biome Project

Chp. 3, A ton of Ms. Farmer's Cell notes

All Cell Transport Notes

Internet Hunt
Cellular Reproduction Power Point  
DNA and Protein Synthesis Chp. 9, Chp. 10, Internet Wksht., Protien Synthesis,

Semester 2-

Unit Notes Assignments
Genetics Vocab., Probability, Punnett Squares, Genetics Review,

Punnett Square practice,

Biotech. Project & Rubric

Viruses and Bacteria Chp. 21 vocab list, Vocab Key, Anthrax Questions,
Protists and Fungi Fungi Notes Protists, Fungi, Disease Jigsaw,
Plants Intro notes, Reproduction Angiosperms, Photosynthesis, Vocab, Plant repro vocab, Monocots/Dicots,
Intro. to Animals Notes, Porifera, Cnidarians,
Worms Platyhelminthes, Nematoda, Annelida  
Mollusks Notes, Table, Internet assignment, reading,
Arthropods PPT Notes, Chp. 31, Classification notes, Classification , Virtual bug collection, Venom Article, Review Sheet


Notes, Reptile/Bird Vocab, Reptile/Bird Wksht.,
Mammals Chp. 36, Orders( Save it, don't just open it), Mammal pjct.,
Final   Review Sheet

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