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Courses: Cell Biology/Genetics, Geo Space Science & Forensic Science/CSI Course Outlines are below: The unit we are currently on is in RED

Genetics- Book- Human Genetics 5th Ed. - (by Ricki Lewis)

Class Expectations for Genetics, Genetics Lab Safety

Unit Titles Notes Assignments

Lab Template, Magnif. Notes, Drawing Notes, Chem. Notes, Cell Structure, Survey,

Text Survey, Chp. 1 reading guide, Career pjct., Microscope lab,
Mitosis/Meiosis Cell Repro. ppt.,
DNA and Protein Synthesis  See_classPickup folder, Protein Synthesis, DNA histrory, History pjct., Replication Drawing, Reading ?s, Protein practice, Review sheet, Review sheet KEY,
Mendel 1  Chp 4, Punnet Squares, Disorder Pjct, Punnet Square Prac.,
Mendel 2  Chp 5, Epistasis,  Punnett Square Prac. #2, 2 factor crosses, 3 factor crosses, Exceptions to Mendel, Epistasis,

Semester 2-

Unit Titles Notes Assignments
Linkage/ Mapping  Chp. 6  Linkage Webquest, Linkage ?'s, Intro. ?'s,
Multifactorial / Behavior Chp. 7 and 8, Addiction Webquest, Mouse Party, Health Key, Webquest Key, Clicker Review, Clicker Review KEY,
Chromosomal Variation Chp. 11-12, Review, Karyotyping ppt.,  Karyotyping Activity, Disorder Project, Chromosome Drawings, Cross word 1, Crossword 2, Reading questions, Clicker Review,
Population Genetics Chp. 13-15, Ppt. in _classPickup folder!

 Electrophoresis, Online Tutorial, Prac. # 1, #1 Key, Prac. # 2, #2 Key, Reading ?'s, Ferret Lab ?'s, Exceptions to H-W ?'s, Exceptions Key, Review Pbms., Review Pbms.. Key, Review Questions,

Immunity & Cancer PPT, Chp. 16-17, Web questions, Web question Key, pg. 366 ?'s, Cancer Inheritance, Cancer Pjct., Clicker review Questions,
Biotechnology  Chp. 18, 19, 21 & 22  Microarrays, Personalized Medicine, Cloning and Gene Therapy,
Final  Survey, Review Sheet

Geo. Space Science- Book- Earth Science - (by Spaulding and Namowitz)

Class Expectations for Geo., Geo. Lab Safety

Unit Titles Notes Assignments
Introduction Lab Template, Graphing, Obstacle Course ?'s, Career Opp., Career Pjct. Rubric, Graphing Prac.,
Earth's Interior Layer ppt., Volcano ppt, Layer Poster, Virtual Earthquake, Slinky Lab, WEBQUEST, Volcano Pjct.,
Earth Chemistry Element Powerpoint, Periodic Table,
Water Notes, PowerPoint, Water Quality Brochure, Survey,
Oceanography Notes, Clicker Questions, Reading assmt. , Animal Project, Ocean depths worksheet,

Semester 2-

Unit Titles Notes Assignments
Atmosphere/Weather Atmos. noteguide, Weather noteguide, Weather ppt., Cloud powerpt., Phase Changes, Vocabulary, Atmos. noteguide Key, Weather noteguide Key,

GLOBE cloud quiz, Atmosphere Pjct., Weather Scavenger, Crossword, Front Drawing, REVIEW,

Observing Space Scopes, Scope Noteguide, Electromag. Spec Table, Spectrum ppt., Spectroscopy, Wordsearch, spectrum reading Review, specturm pre-lab, Spectrum Lab, Spectrum lab wksht., , Constellation Pjct., Review Game,
Organizing the Universe Stars, Galaxies, Star Life Cycle Questions, Big Bang, Star Trek Pjct, Star Wksht., Interactive HR Diagram, Crossword,
Solar System

Moon ppt., Planets ppt, Moon Formation,


Solar System Pjct., Scale Activity, Moon Questions, Moon phase sketch, Review, Review Key,
Space Travel   Space Travel Pjct., Rocket Lab, Rocket Grading,
Final Review  

Forensic Science/CSI- Reference: Forensic Science for High School 2nd ed. (by Ball-Deslich and Funkhouser)

Class Expectations for Forensics, Forensics Lab Safety

Unit Titles Notes Assignments

Lab Template, Chp. 1, Chp. 2, Chp. 3,

History pjct., Crswd 1, Crswd 2, Chp. 2 ?s,
Probability Fingerprints, Hair, Fibers Fingerprint PPT, Crossword, Review
Chemistry Drugs Notes, Drug ppt., Toxicology, Trace Evidence, Radon, CO, Drug ?'s, Toxin pjct., Mouse Party, Crossword, Review,
Biology Blood, DNA, Blood Drops, Electrophoresis, Survey, Blood Typing,
Other   CSI, Bone Measurements, Bone Equations, Missing person database,
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