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I strongly believe that high school students are well on their way to becoming adults. With that in mind, I strongly encourage students to take the initiative to discuss any problems or concerns with me--whether about needing additional help or about grades. I am available to meet with students before school, or during my 3rd or 8th hour. I am rarely available after school, as I also coach track.

I will always talk with your student directly about any concerns or problems in class. If there are serious issues, I will contact you directly. If you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email or phone.

Class calendars and assignments

All of my classes have a weekly calendar detailing assignments and due dates. The calendar is posted prior to the upcoming week, so students always know what is ahead. Please check these calendars if you are interested in what we are doing in class.

U.S. Literature Calendar
World Lit Calendar
Speech Calendar

Grades, Attendance, and Classroom Behavior

Parent Internet Viewer (PIV) will give you access to your student's grades and daily attendance.

My class attendance/tardy policy is posted online. It is important that your student attends class in order to not only keep up with the workload but also to engage in the class discussion. Many of my classes have participation points awarded based on classroom discussions and attendance (unexcused absences will result in a zero for these in-class discussion/participation points). If your student needs to miss class, please have him/her talk with me about the missed work; I will not chase down your student when he/she returns. It is the student's responsibility to make up all work missed in a timely fashion.

My class policies are posted online and students are expected to adhere to homework policies, attendance/tardy policies, etc. Additionally, students are expected to be responsible in the classroom and computer labs.

U.S. Literature Syllabus/Policies
World Literature Syllabus/Policies
Speech Syllabus/Policies

Academic integrity

Maintaining academic integrity is your student's responsibility. Copying another student's work or plagiarizing papers will result in a failing grade for that assignment, and could result in a failing grade for the course and/or disciplinary action from FCHS.

Contact Information

Phone: (970) 488-8179

Email address:

Classroom: P203/P209

Spring 2009 schedule

1st- US Literature
2nd- US Literature
3rd- US Literature
4th - Seminar/Lunch
5th - World Literature
6th - Speech
7th - Planning
8th - Planning

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