Let's look at a common scenario. The federal government taxes the people to pay for services. The legislature passes a new law that says parents are going to get a tax rebate.

Great! Now everyone drives up to a window and gets money their money.

Now that's just silly! But what is the next step? How do laws and money and everything else in government take effect?


Bureaucracy is the regulated structure that organizes the government.

So let's return to the scenario of the new rebate for parents. The legislature created the law, now someone/something has to enact it. In this case, it's the Internal Revenue Service. And there are a lot of things they have to do.

Here are some of the possible situations to be considered:

1. Does a foster kid count for a rebate?

2. If you make lots of money, and therefore pay more taxes, do you get more or less of a rebate?

3. If your ex-spouse has 50% custody of the child, do you have to split the rebate?

4. How do you prove you have a child?

5. If you don't pay taxes, do you still get a rebate?