Local Breakdown

Just like national and state governments, there are layers within local government that need to work together to meet the needs of citizens and the country.

The County the largest territorial and political subdivision of a state. The county makes sure people have order, protection, and services. The county board of commissioners who are elected by residents of county make the rules to meet the needs of the community. The sheriff provides law enforcement.

Within the County is the Municipal or City government. The municipality is incorporated within specific boundaries. Unincorporated areas surround the city, but are typically annexed (made a part of the city's boundaries) in sections as the city grows. Cities have typically have mayors in the executive role and a city council for legislation. Within cities police provide for law enforcement.

In most instances cities provide citizens with greater/better resources. For example cities have water and sewer systems, while those living in just the county may have to have a private well or septic tank. Often civic items like fire protection, street improvement, parks and recreational facilities are better and/or more available in cities.

People who live in counties have the right to vote in their county. But only people living in the municipalities have the right to vote on city matters. Therefore people who live in cities potentially have the chance to vote on more things.

However, taxation is also handled in the same way. A person living in the city is responsible for paying both city and county taxes on things like property. But a person living in an unannexed area only have to pay county taxes.

A metropolis is a large city, surrounded by surrounding suburbs that have their own governments. For example Denver is surrounded by areas like Thornton and Aurora which are incorporated in their own right.

In the video one of the most important jobs was that of City Manager. While the office of Mayor and members of the Town Council are usually elected, the office of city manager is usually hired. The City Manager is part of the bureaucracy. This bureaucratic system is found at all levels of government.